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December 2014 – An ending and a new beginning.

We are in the dog days of December and until recently the weather has been very mild.   Now each morning we wake to a hard frost covering every surface with a fuzzy coat and freezing the water in the bird … Continue reading

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November 2014 – famine and feast.

We had a bit of a disaster on the mealworm front.  I ordered two bags of mealworm over a month ago and put the heavier of the bags away in the log shed for later.  As the first bag slowly … Continue reading

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October 2014 – It’s not easy being a mosquito.

First your mother abandons you in any pool of water she happens to come across.  This could be a large quantity such as a pond or swimming pool, or a tiny slither of rainwater collected in an upturned bin lid.  … Continue reading

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September 2014 – Home and Away

Late August and the garden was at its best.  A wide range of bushes provided succour for bees and butterflies alike, small birds such as great tits and robins were regular visitors to their starling proof feeders and a large … Continue reading

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August 2014 – Out foxed.

For some time now I have been feeding our urban foxes kitchen scraps.  Well if you count prime dog meat, dental biscuits and the occasional pig’s ears as scraps.  I know the foxes are out there every night scavenging rather … Continue reading

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July 2014 – starling explosion.

The starling parents took advantage of the warm weather and decided to have another brood.  Just as the first lot began to leave the garden for pastures new the next batch arrived all fluttering wings and open beaks.  On occasions … Continue reading

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June 2014 – make do and mend.

There is a snail under a cup in my back garden.  Well, technically it is in the snail hospital isolation unit.  My husband was crashing around in the garden sorting out rubbish to take to the dump.  Like most humans, … Continue reading

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