About me.

I live in a small Victorian terraced house in south-west London with my lovely husband Bob and my even lovelier cats Oscar and Sooty.   We humans function better when we are rooted in our natural environment.  A connection with nature reminds us of where we have come from and where we belong.  You don’t need to live in the country to enjoy wildlife.  Wherever you live, nature will be there, right by your side.  You just need to stop and look and wonder.

My urban garden is very small, just a paved patio really, but it is amazing how many creatures use it as a home, temporary or permanent.  I am of the mind that we humans need to learn to live in harmony with nature.  We have spent too long killing everything that gets in our way.  My garden is a free for all, anti-discriminatory environment where anything that needs food or shelter can hopefully find it.  I have discovered that there is a natural balance to nature if we just leave it alone.  Not to say that I don’t chase my neighbour’s cat away from my bird feeders when he gets too close.

We can’t rely on governments to save our environment, they have their own agenda.  But, we can all play a part in protecting the things we value and where better to start than with your own backyard.  I hope you enjoy reading my urban wildlife diary.  Welcome.


2 Responses to About me.

  1. Apna Thacker says:

    You’re absolutely right about balance in nature,
    I have the same “no kill” policy toward my little urban garden as well. Love cats too 🙂


  2. Della Law says:

    Apna, thank you so much for your comment. Glad to find that there are more of us out there willing to share our world with other creatures. I can’t abide killing for the sake of it and particularly hate slug pellets!


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